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[NaM] stands for Need a Medic. We are a UK based clan, recruiting members all around the world regardless of race, nationality, gender etc. The clan plays Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 2 plus CS:Source and hopes to open up into further games in the future.

The [NaM]Clan historically goes back to March 2004, when our clan leader, Mike (#40032/Mikeus/Plenty of other names) registered the original NeedaMedic.co.uk domain name, and set up a simple site and forum. The clan got a server in August 2004 and began to recruit players in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The clan ran along steadily for a while, and picked up plenty of memorable members along the way (a few still play on our servers to this day!) We made our first attempt at multi-gaming in January 2005, although this failed due to difficulties in recruiting for a game we didn't play much of (Call of Duty).

After our attempt at multi-gaming, the clan continued at what it was best at, playing Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory. This worked fine for a couple of months, when we reached what was probably our peak point in May - July 2005. However, the good times weren't to last and the clan split up due to internal (and to a certain extent, external) disputes.

In December 2005, #40032 was beginning to miss the break from running the clan, and playing on poorly ran servers full of rogue idiots. So, he contacted a few members and news spread like a viral infection. We managed to get the clan back together into a working state. Once we had recovered to a position where we could continue to run, we attempted to move into other games such as Call of Duty 2 and Counter Strike:Source. This failed, due to once again lack of activity and infighting. We then put all our efforts into the growth of ET to heights bigger than we had seen before, something we have yet to see.

Despite being unable to get the clan to a size better than before, the game server grew well despite frequent lag and crashing. A strong fan base was developed, which was harmed by the unexpected change of IP address in April 2006. This coincided with the server crashing countless times and three long periods of unscheduled downtime. It was decided enough was enough, and a new GSP needed to be found. We decided that we'd also give multigaming another try, so it was a natural choice to choose to move onto a dedicated server.

Currently the history of the clan ends here! Join up and help us grow to even greater heights!

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